Supernatural: "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" Review Season 5, Episode 15

To misquote Dean, "If it's zombies, it must be Thursday", or more importantly, it must mean that Supernatural is back. Half of "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" is an examination of another tragic chapter in Bobby Singer's life, and the other half of the episode is chock full of all the exploding zombie heads a person could possibly want on a Thursday night of television.

When the dead rise in South Dakota, but don't immediately go on a killing spree, the local townspeople are more than happy to accept their former family members back home. While the zombies don't seem like they are an immediate danger, it is still pretty unbelievable that regular people would be so nonchalant about them coming back to life (I'm pretty sure I would be freaking out way more). Although, granted, it does provide some trademark Supernatural comic relief when the local sheriff arrests Dean and Sam instead of the obvious zombie. Not to mention that the zombie confessed to murder!

It is also a little implausible that Bobby is so determined to accept the situation that he tries to shoo Dean and Sam off the case. Maybe someone with as much experience with the supernatural as Bobby would naturally be more accepting of the possibility - after all, Dean and Sam have both died and returned without turning into zombies. Bobby makes it clear that he performed all the tests on his wife that he did on Dean when Dean showed up alive-again on the porch. And Bobby just wants to enjoy this little bit of happiness he has been unexpectedly given. But as Dean points out, as soon as they realize that Death himself has a part in this, there should be no question that this is not a good thing in any way, shape or form.

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