Stargate Universe Midseason Finale News; Also SG-1 Third Movie Title and Tapping's Return to 'SGU'

After the phenomenal SGU episode "Time" aired last night, Stargate news started staking up across the web. Here's a rundown on the latest happenings in the world of Stargate.

The Name of the Third SG-1 Movie...

The third SG-1 movie has been given a name according to GateWorld and that name is Stargate: Revolution. The movie is reported to take place between the end of the last SG-1 movie, Continuum, and the start of Stargate Universe and in the words of producer Brad Wright, "is a Stargate story that brings O'Neill back in a big way".

Tantalizing, isn't it?

But the question on everyone's lips is with MGM being auctioned off soon, will Stargate: Revolution and the Stargate Atlantis movie, Extinction, ever reach our DVD and Blu-Ray players? More on that development as soon as TV Overmind gets word of what the MGM auction could mean for the viewers and the Stargate franchise.

Amanda Tapping to Return to Stargate Universe

One SG-1 alum will be making an appearance again on SGU. Gateworld reports that Amanda Tapping's Colonel Samantha Carter will reappear on SGU for or before (the episodes have not been confirmed) the Season One finale. Plot details are mum at the moment about the finale, but if Carter is in attendance then it has to be epic.

SGU's Midseason Finale to Air on December 4th

Syfy has announced that Stargate Universe's midseason finale, "Justice", will air on December 4th with a marathon of the first ten episodes of Season One to air on Christmas Day, a Christmas gift to all the late comers to the show or for those who wandered off. The back ten episodes of Season One's 20 episode count will air in Spring 2010. Gateworld, who also reported on this story as well, has details of "Justice" at their site, but the details are marked "Spoiler: Medium", which is the equivalent of the Terror Alert System, so read them at your own risk!

Thanks to Gateworld for their hard work in all things Stargate!

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Default avatar cat
Nov 17, 2009 3:36PM EST

Tapping has a loyal following but even her return isn't going to stop this series from tanking EVEN further.
The story is all soap opera and limited action. As a SG follower, I'm there for the action not the flashback to their mom making cookies in the kitchen.
I'll repeat, SGU like other successful series abandons what makes them successful once they get there. SG stands for action, adventure, sci fi, new and interesting things. There's nothing interesting about flashbacks, talking to a keno, or having the keno be the entire show--IT'S BORING.
One other commenter said if you don't like it stop writing about it and just shut it off. That's what a lot of fans have done. We want original SG with a twist or nothing. After incrementally worse shows, I'm joining the rest and turning it off.

Default avatar cat
Nov 19, 2009 5:31AM EST

I agree with the comment above. This series has been disappointing to such an extent that if the next episode tanks in a similar fashion to most of those previously, I will also be 'turning off'

Nov 20, 2009 1:48AM EST

Canceling Atlantis after just 5 seasons was insane. After all, the best five seasons of SG-1 were the last five. Imagine what we lost with that short sighted decision. Universe sucks! The characters aren't that interesting, the stories are horrible and repetitive, and it has broken to much with what made this franchise work. Instead of building on what was working the tried to be creative and it only backfired. BRING BACK ATLANTIS.

Hidden profile
Nov 20, 2009 1:12PM EST

I agree with NathanM1 SGA ended way too soon there were so many storie lines they needed to expand on. as for SGU i saw some trailers and my first thouhgt was "How is this a SG show?" i haven't even watchede one episode yet because of other SG fans' bad reviews.

Large 1320268908 me south park
Nov 21, 2009 2:10AM EST

Wow. I thought I was the only one thinking that this show was becoming an epic fail. I love Stargate but the only thing this show has in common with the series is a word in the title and a stage-prop they salvaged from Atlantis. I wonder what else is on right now?

Nov 28, 2009 6:35AM EST

I disagree with you, and here is why:
The early seasons of SG-1 were fraught with very deep non-action stories that helped you better relate and understand the characters. I mean if you didn't watch the movie and just watched SG-1 bold faced and only caught the action, you wouldn't understand the levels of depression and even the reason for Jack's sarcasm. (his son Charlie accidentally shooting himself with Jack's gun)
If you are relying on someone's opinion on whether or not to watch SGU you are an idiot, watch it and see for yourself if you like it.
And if you don't like what I have to say, bite me, this is my opinion and not yours.

Default avatar cat
Nov 30, 2009 4:35AM EST

this says it all.

Large 1323446677 14042011110
Dec 1, 2009 11:05AM EST

'...those who wandered off.....'
They didn't wander off. They got bored and ran away.

Default avatar cat
Dec 6, 2009 11:19AM EST

Hey guys,
i'm really sad what they did with the sg-franchise.i can assure everyone that millions of sg fans worldwide are furious over this crappy turn syfy has called for.
please come over to and express your doubts and your anger. sign our petition, it's worth it.
thx for reading!!

Default avatar cat
Apr 18, 2010 6:01PM EDT

While I admit that this series lacks the action of the previous series, I think it is necessary to establish a deeper connection with the characters. With this series, I think the writers are trying to make you more invested in the characters and understanding of there reasons for behaving the way they do so the action will be all the more explosive when it finally gets here. I do agree that it is beginning to appear to be a soap opera but I think that is easily fixable and one of those bumps that comes in the early times of a new show. While definitely not as good as the previous two series, Stargate Universe definitely has potential.

Default avatar cat
Jul 15, 2010 2:40PM EDT

SGU has alot of raw potential and u losers who are writing it off when its only 1 season in are insane.. SGU are trying to establish a new set of characters and not become repetitive. however i do agree that SGA was cut short. but there is not much we can do about it now. so i suggest you guys stop complaining and watch and judge SGU on its own merits and stop comparing it to the others in the Stargate franchise. its totally different. once the characters are established there will be plenty of action...
So to sum up.... Stop complaining. start watching it yourself and dont take other peoples opinions as your own... and remember if this tanks... then there will be NO stargate at all... and who wants that?

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