Preview of 'The Celebrity Apprentice 2' Episode 3

Last week on The Celebrity Apprentice, the women won their second challenge in a row. It's clear that although the women's team has some strong personalities (Melissa, Annie, and Brande), they work together well and always get the job done. The men have just as many strong personalities and the project managers never seem to be able to wrangle the men together to finish a job. If the problem persists, I can't see the men's team lasting long.

This upcoming week, the women elect Brande as project manager and the men elect Tom Green. I have a sneaking suspicion that the men might be trying to throw Tom under the bus after last week. The challenge will be selling wedding dresses and gender stereotypes tell us the women will easily be winning this one. I could be wrong, but I expect the women to take a three-week sweep. Check out the clips below to see if you agree.

Here's the official description of the episode from NBC:

The teams are each given 125 wedding dresses to sell in an empty retail space they must design and decorate. For the second time this season the celebrities' rolodexes are put to the test, and both teams feel the heat as they try to get big sales lined up on short notice. Celebrities on one team have trouble getting friends to pony up money for charity, while some on the other team have trouble just getting out of bed. The fundraising goes down to the wire, putting one team over the top and the other team into the boardroom, where Trump fires another celebrity.

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