Stargate Universe 1.08 "Time" - Recap

The show opens with the crew coming through the gate unto a dense jungle area. The whole scene is seen through KINO VISION!!!!

Eli works the nerves of just about everyone since he is playing with the Kino and not working on stuff, which is kind of messed up with most of the soldiers walking around looking 'cute' and not lending a hand. Eli comes across TJ and soldier laughing extremely hard and figures it's about him. The group finds some fruits, but don't know if they are edible. Eli tries one and spits it out and Rush declares that Eli just exposed himself and now they wouldn't know which one. Then Brody announces that Volker is sick. TJ tends to him and finds out that he hasn't eaten anything and has headaches and is dehydrated. Then he passes out and Chloe does as well.

Scott orders for everyone to pull em up and ship them out. But TJ says that whatever Chloe and Volker has might be contagious and that they should stay there for the time being. The Kino closes in on a pissed Rush and he shoves it out of his face.

Still in Kino Vision Later, TJ fills Col. Young via Comm about the situation and asks for Col. Young to check the ship for similar symptoms of what Chloe and Volker have. Later, Rush berates TJ for using up antibiotics on something she hasn't diagnosed yet. I want TJ to inject his frakking eye. The Kino catches Scott getting sick as well, but he brushes it off. Eli, Scott, Greer, and Rush come across a mound that is producing sulfur into the air. Greer questions if that is what's making everyone sick and Rush says he doesn't know yet. Grer thinks that if it is then they might need to find out so they can leave.

While it is raining cats and dogs now, Eli bores Rush to no end with movie trivia. Scott comes to report that Vanessa has also fallen ill and TJ sees that Scott is sick, too. But before she could give the order, something attacks someone and then the whole camp is ambushed by creatures burrowing through everyone until everybody is dead.

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