'Brothers & Sisters' recap: Whine festival Season 4, Episode 8

Wanting to crack open a bottle of wine after watching an episode of Brothers & Sisters is a common occurence. But this week's Golden State Wine Festival made me want to drink a case. Perhaps that's why I'm so upset that Ryan ruined Walker Landing's award-winning Coastal Reserve. Bastard.

The Whine Festival turned everyone's stress up to 11. Holly had her financial well-being, along with the company's, tied up in the cheaper wine, which - surprise! surprise! - Saul loved. After it took the top table wine prize, Dennis York (the man who wants to buy Holly's shares to stick it to William), told Ryan the boy had to figure out a way to fix this problem - if that label was a success, Holly wouldn't have to sell. I guess Ryan emptied the barrels? It was so nice to have Holly happy for a second and not because she'd just done something evil. The woman has steered Ojai in the right direction, she deserved the vote of confidence Saul had just given her.

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