Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 5, Episode 5 -

Due to an ion storm, the Delta Flyer crashes on a planetoid and is buried under three kilometers of rock. Ensign Samantha Wildman is seriously injured, and Tom Paris and Tuvok attend to her as they wait for Voyager to locate and rescue them. The ship's attempts are hampered due to more storms.

Meanwhile, on board Voyager, Wildman's young daughter Naomi awaits her mother's return. The crew is unsure of how to explain to her that her mother is lost, and dreads the possibility that Sam may have died. Neelix takes it on himself to spend time with the little girl as they wait for news. He distracts her with the popular children's fairy holo-tale "The Adventures of Flotter". Later Naomi learns more about the incident by accident. Neelix finds her in the Flotter program and tells the tale of how he lost his own family.

With only minutes to spare, the crew finds the Delta Flyer and beams everyone to safety. Samantha Wildman survives her injuries.

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