Recap Charmed: Season 1, Episode 12 - The Wendigo

Prue gets Phoebe a job at Buckman's and Phoebe gets a vision of the past when she touches a gold bracelet. The sisters conspire to keep the bracelet from being bought at auction, and Phoebe uses it to reunite a mother with her daughter who was kidnapped years before. When Piper's car breaks down, she is attacked by a vicious werewolf-like beast that they later find out is called a Wendigo. The Wendigo is created when someone's heart is broken, and it goes about eating other's people's hearts. Piper is saved by a man, Billy, whose fiance was killed by a Wendigo, and later meets the FBI agent, Ashley Fallon, that has been tracking the beast. Agent Fallon kills Billy when he figures out that she's the Wendigo, and Piper starts to turn into a Wendigo from the scratch she received during the attack. Prue and Phoebe lock up Piper and go to kill the Wendigo before she attacks Andy. Piper gets free and goes to attack her sisters, but they kill the Wendigo just in time, saving both Piper and Andy. Prue tells Andy the truth about what happened. Phoebe quits her job.

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