Recap Charmed: Season 1, Episode 14 - Secrets And Guys

It starts off with a father and son getting ready to eat when suddenly two bad guys in masks rush in. They kidnap the kid and tell the father not to tell the police and they'll have his son back by Monday. The kidnappers then knock the father out.

The sisters are up in the attic preparing for Spring Cleaning, with a little help from magic. They get to a box of toys when Prue tells them to put them in the discard pile. Phoebe recommends they keep them for their children and Piper agrees. Prue says they can throw her's away because she doesn't believe she would be a great mother.

The kidnappers bring the kid to their hideout and we find out his name is Max. They threaten him and tell him to calm down. One of the kidnappers reveal that his little brother told him about Max turning off the arcade alarm system like magic.

Prue is in the attic alone when the spirit board started moving. The other two sisters come running up and find out that it spelled "HELP MAX."

Prue and Phoebe are debating about the message while Piper is pacing on the phone with her new chef that threw out all of her knives. They decide that Prue will ask Andy for info, Phoebe will check the Book of Shadows, and Piper will go to Quake. When Piper was about to leave, Leo arrives.

Prue tries to get info from Andy, but nothing has come up yet. Piper storms into the kitchen and demands what Harry, the new chef, is doing. The chef is trying to make his own changes in the restaurant. Piper freezes Harry, throws away some of his ingredients, and take the knives out of the trash.

At home, Phoebe accidentally witness Leo hovering to put in a new light bulb in the chandelier. Leo falls down and Phoebe starts questioning him.

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