Good Movie with a great cast

I was not sure what to expect after reading the title, but it turned out that this independent film from a first time screenwriter/director, produced with monetary restrictions, is a great film with a believable, uncomplicated story, and a very down to earth portrayal of the gay scene. Casper Andreas (out actor) as Marcus, a very likable average guy who believed he had found the perfect soul mate in his 4-yr-partner, left him due to his infertility, and realizes that it is easier to talk about being on the market again than it is done. He accepts a summer job as a waiter and makes several new acquaintances that slowly develop into friendships with very different values and qualities. The story has almost a comedy quality due to the obsessive compulsive porno-addicted restaurant manager Kevin (Lance Werth), and the neurotic, hysteric, self-help book and alcohol addicted friend Marilyn. Marilyn played by Virginia Bryant, portrays her shortcomings so believable that one hopes not to look at her real live character flaws. All actors played their gay roles pretty realistic, and one may dare to hope that they are actually gay. Jeffrey Christopher Todd plays the romantic Peter, who stands his ground and stays true to his own values and believes that he will find “True Happiness”, a stand that is not easily taking around the multiple and colorful one-night stands of his co-workers. Jesse Archer portrays the stereotypical, shallow Luke, and emphasizes the film title “Slutty Summer”, but even his character turns out to be not as superficial as it first seems. Than there is Tyler, played by Jamie Hatchett who is committed not to commit. Tyler has difficulties to be straight forward with his developing emotions for Marcus, but he cannot hide from this growing and mutual attraction. Tyler and Marcus develop a relationship that moves slowly and believable, one with realistic disturbances and interference. If one leaves cynicism behind, and watches this movie as entertainment, one may find that ‘Slutty Summer” is really a great film, surprisingly insightful to many different gay stereotypes, with a great cast that seems to be perfect for the roles they portray. A film I found really enjoyable!


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