The Biggest Loser: Couples Season 9 Episode 14 Recap: Week 14

Although it's always lovely to see Alison Sweeney on the Biggest Loser ranch, her appearance is always marked by a temptation or challenge. This week, she tells the contestants that for one day, they'll have to eat every meal in the temptation room because the kitchen will be closed. At the end of the day, the person who eats the most calories will cast the single vote for the week. The catch: That person must stay above the yellow line. Otherwise, the power will be lost and voting resumes as normal.

While many of the players try to eat as they usually would, Koli wants to win the reward to keep his cousin Sam in the competition. He also doesn't want to play it safe and then lose by just a few calories, so he pretty much stuffs his face. I'm pretty impressed at how well and accurately all of the contestants estimate the amount of calories consumed. They must be learning something!

The following day Alison reveals that Koli was the winner by a landslide - he consumed 4,164 calories. So now, in order to keep the power of the vote, Koli must work out hard to lose weight despite his major consumption. Sam helps him train, and with every punch Koli doles out to his cousin, Sam yells, "Sausage...hash browns...omelets." A reminder why Koli needs to push especially hard. "Can you smell that America? That's obesity. Smells disgusting," Koli remarks.

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