Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One more couple gets eliminated from Dancing with the Stars as the cast gets cut down to seven pairs. Whose movie week culminated in a not-so-happy ending? Find out below!

Tom didn't drop any hints on Twitter about the results again this week, but he tells us it's a show we don't want to miss. So that means Kate is going, right? She and Tony are declared a bottom-two couple right away as the lowest- and top-scoring couples learn their fates first. Nicole and Derek are safe. This is Kate and Tony's first time in the bottom two. I know, shocking. Tony tries to feign sadness. It's OK, Tony. One more step until freedom!

Len recaps movie night for us, breaking down the contenders into three groups: the middle pack (Jake, Erin, Pam), the low scorers (Niecy, Chad and Kate - whose foxtrot he would've walked out of if it were a movie) and the leaders (Evan and Nicole). Derek is so stoked about their leading 29 that he knocks the confessional chairs over. Has he forgotten he blacked-out after hitting his head three years ago?

Despite their near perfect score, Nicole and Derek don't get the encore; that honor goes to the Pantless with a Wooden Spoon Jake and Chelsie (or "Chad and Chelsie," as Len says) - if only so Bruno can see him dance in his undies again. Ironically, it's Chelsie who almost ends up with a wardrobe malfunction.

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