Recap: "Products of Discovery"

As TNT's The Closer kicked off its fifth season, Brenda tackled a quadruple homicide, butted heads with an FBI agent, and came to a sad realization about an ailing loved one. Oh, and in a delicious piece of irony, chocolate helped save the day! On with the recap...

Four dead bodies are found in a home - a mom, her two kids and their grandmother. Shot execution-style. The last person seen leaving the house was the husband/father, and the timing fits with the time of death. Plus, he and the wife had a bit of a domestic squabble a short while back. Flynn likes the guy, Victor, as a suspect. Perhaps too much.

With newspaperman/sometime thorn-in-side Ricardo Ramos looking on (thanks, Pope!), Brenda grills Victor about his alibi for that morning. He says his wife and kids can vouch for him. When Brenda brings up the past abuse charge, Victor is puzzled, and asks if his wife, Cynthia, has possibly filed another complaint. He doesn't see how, since he has since returned to the church and become a new man.

Brenda breaks the news to Victor, about his tragic loss, and his physical response all but confirms his innocence. This isn't their guy.

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