BONES ''The Body in the Bounty'' Review Season 6, Episode 4

A skull, two hands and what's left of a beard are found in a dumpster, belonging to a bounty hunter. The man was on the trail of a brutal murderer who skipped out on his bail so they assume he's to blame. Their search leads them to another bounty hunter, a woman, and though Booth doesn't like it, he lets her stay on the trail, wanting the killer caught and not caring by whom.

Meanwhile Bones has to deal with a new squintern, a man called The Science Dude who has a kid's tv show and wants to do an episode from her lab. She's hesitant so The Dude offers to help with their current case to prove himself as a real scientist. With the Dude's help they discover that it was a combination of things that killed their victim. First he sustained a broken rib in a fight and then a secondary blow caused a piece of bone to pierce his heart. Turns out the victim and the woman bounty hunter were both after the same guy so she shot him with her bean bag gun to keep him away. When he died unexpectedly, she cut off his head and hands to hide the evidence. So in the end Booth and Bones end up catching two bad guys the criminal on the run and the bounty hunter who was their murderer.

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