Lost Season 6 Episode 13 Recap: "The Last Recruit"

Tonight we saw what happened after Hurley and his merry men arrived at UnLocke's camp. There were two emotional reunions (three if you count the sideways). In the post-815 world, our characters began to cluster around two hubs: the hospital and the police station. And we meet the last recruit in the episode's title. His or her identity is fuzzy at the moment. Is it Jack? Or Claire? Or maybe it's Lapidus, who's still tagging along without much explanation for his usefulness. Did we get it tonight? Read on to find out...


Why does the Man in Black assume the form of John Locke? Well, he tells Jack pretty plainly and on this fact, at least, it seems we can believe him. He says he can only look like dead people, say, Christian Shephard, whose form he admits having assumed on Jack's third day on the island. UnLocke says now that Jacob is dead, they can get on a plane and fly home whenever they'd like. I find this hard to believe.

In this scene, unwitting siblings Jack and Claire exchange words in which they, for the first time, I believe, acknowledge that they're related. They also have a chuckle about how that kooky Locke likes to impersonate their dead father.


Sawyer tells Hurley, Sun, Lapidus, and Jack about his plan to bail on UnLocke, who wants to get everyone together on that Ajira jet and fly off the island. Instead, he wants to head over to Hydra Island and hitch a ride on Widmore's sub, per their earlier deal. Interestingly, Sawyer is in charge of the passenger list, which pointedly does not include Sayid and Claire, who, he says, have gone over to the dark side.

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