'Chuck' Season 3, Episode 8 - 'Chuck Versus the Fake Name' Recap

It seems more and more like the spy job is less and less attractive for Chuck. Just when things were on the verge of getting really good for Chuck on the personal front, there were complications based on the past and the job and the choices he's been forced to make. If this is spy life, it's no wonder James Bond drinks so much. More on that and the chicken pepperoni after the jump.

Chuck was chosen by Shaw to replace Rafe Gruber, an ultimate assassin, super-sharp shooter who had chameleon-like skills. Why Chuck was chosen to replace him made no sense considering that he's still so untried as a professional. The premise is that Chuck must learn every aspect of the spy game by being thrown into life and death situations every week, but that's a stretch considering what they expect him to do.

It was a nice surprise to see Paulie Walnuts and the other 'Soprano's' guy (Louis Lombardi played Big Pussy's FBI contact) as two old school criminals hiring Gruber for a kill job. They were basically doing their characters from 'The Sopranos,' but so what?

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