'Survivor' recap: NaOnka's Pity Party

"NaOnka seems like a high school girl. She's irrational and crazy and she just seems like she's on her period all the time." - Alina

Now that Jimmy T is gone (unless he decides to pop back and write another recap for me - KIDDING!), welcome to the NaOnka show, everybody. All NaOnka, all the time! Up until this last episode, NaOnka was a firecracker, full of vim and vigor, piss and vinegar, attitude and no gratitude. She'd steal your socks, knock you to the ground, and berate you as you searched for hidden immunity idols. Love her or loathe her (and I think we all pretty much fell into that latter category), you had to admire her spirit. Her spunk! Her moxie! And lots of other words from the 1930s.

Where did it all go? The Survivor producers and editors are trying to convince us that the woman was simply beaten down by a few raindrops - that a night with no tarp suddenly turned Hurricane NaOnka into a depressed mess who seriously contemplated quitting the game. But I don't buy it. Not for a second. I think we're being sold a pound of phoney baloney, people. To me, NaOnka's emotional downfall had nothing to do with the weather, but rather something far more debilitating - the fact that she no longer had a physically handicapped person to pick on anymore.

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