Recap - Chuck 3.08 "Chuck vs. the Fake Name"

Welcome back Chuck fans. It's been three weeks since out last episode, "Chuck vs. the Mask," opened up a Pandora's Box of controversy regarding the direction of the shows relationships. Well, with the Olympics over, our favorite accidental spy has returned with a great episode that has resolved, at least partially, the relationship furor. Let's get to "Chuck vs. the Fake Name."

The episode opens with something for the female, and some of the male, audience to enjoy: Devon's abs. Ellie is concerned that Chuck is keeping secrets from her because he didn't tell her about Hannah. Devon offers (while doing upside down crunches) that Chuck will tell Ellie about his new girlfriend when he's ready, which makes Ellie even more upset. Chuck is sharing secrets with Devon and not his own sister, whom he used to trust with everything, including his first cruse: Mrs. Seaver from Growing Pains. Ellie just doesn't like how Chuck and Devon are now "thick as thieves," and accuses Devon of lying to her. Devon brushes such an insinuation away and advises Ellie to go tell Chuck how she feels, which she does. At Chuck's apartment, she finds no one home, but hears the shower running. She proceeds to tell Chuck through the bathroom door that she misses being the person he confides in. She wants him to know that she's a good secret-keeper and if he doesn't want Sarah to know about the new girl…"I won't tell Sarah if you don't," Hannah finishes, clad in only in a towel after her shower (this was for the half of the audience that wasn't interested in Devon's abs). With both women stunned into silence, Chuck arrives home with a box and is frozen in his footsteps. Chuck awkwardly and embarrassingly makes introductions, concluding with the only appropriate response: "Donut?" offering up the goodies in the box. Chuck feels terrible that he hasn't been fully honest with Ellie, so to make it up to her, he offers to cook his famous chicken pepperoni for the two couples that night. Despite her hesitation to feast on Chuck's "famous" dish, she agrees.

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