'Scream Queens' Shows Us the Worst Female Actress ... Ever (VIDEO)

Hi! And welcome to 'Scream Queens' (Mon., 10PM ET on VH1). On the series, ten aspiring actresses try out for a role in 'Saw 3D.' Cool! So it's basically a reality show about bad actresses trying out to be in a bad horror movie.

During the latest episode, judge and instructor John Homa attempts to get contestant Rosanna to "emote," or act, or at least do anything. And it doesn't go very well.

John wants Rosanna to show "anger" as an actress. So, in a staged audition, her tries to have her to say "I hate you!" convincingly. It doesn't really work out. Rosanna seems to have trouble understanding the difference between "acting'" and "reality," and so can't manage to express rage as an actress.

"IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE TRUE," John says. "YOU JUST GOTTA MAKE ME BELIEVE IT IS." Which is pretty much the definition of "acting." Still, Rosanna doesn't really get it.

Eventually, she finally sort of tries to act. "I hate you, I hate you ... I hate you," she says, in the flattest, most unemotional voice ever. It doesn't go over very well. Badly done, Rosanna!

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