Project Runway 7: Anthony Williams Weighs In on Working in Pairs

We've seen how difficult teamwork has been in the history of Project Runway. When it comes to that, it's always been a disaster. The most recent episode of this season has proven so, and one of the most verbose designers of the group admitted to feeling that pressure.

Alabama native Anthony Williams had it tough on "The Hi's and Low's of Fashion", since we saw him paired up with hot-head punk Seth Aaron Henderson. They tried their best to execute the garment well, but tempers really do fly in the workroom.

"All of my friends have been asking why that white boy is wagging his finger in my face in the preview," Williams explained to the New York Post. "What I'm realizing is that while we never had a verbal argument, he obviously has a lot to say in the private interviews."

The 28-year-old designer added, "So if he had to use that opportunity to express himself, good for him. But my slogan has always been: people may call me a sissy, but I've never been a punk!"

Henderson isn't the only one who Anthony may have conflicts with. He also got involved in a little spat with the models. Mila, another designer, got annoyed because her model chose him instead of her.

"Look, I have been very clear about the fact I left my feelings back in Georgia," Anthony said. "But I thought that situation was interesting because Mila could have confronted Alexis like a grown woman when she came for the model fitting. But Mila chose not to use that opportunity, so don't open your damn mouth and say something to me."

Despite the drama behind-the-scenes, Anthony Williams still manages to survive. We've seen him toil away in the last challenges, but we're certainly hoping to see more.

"The second challenge, [I loved my dress]. People said that you couldn't see how pretty it was on TV, but you can online -- where I had the highest votes from fans," he said. "I guarantee that I won't be going back to the ghetto when this is over!"

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