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Hearing that Ugly Betty will be ending soon is a travesty, but we can all agree that we're looking forward to how they'll play things out in the finale. There's got to be something big lined up for the last few episodes of the ABC comedy, and we can only guess what it is.

But if you'd like to hear what actress America Ferrera has to say about it and find out what the surprise is, read on. It's a cryptic message we can all ponder though. However, if you tie it in with what Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly has to say, then it's pretty clear.

Major Spoiler alert!

While she was promoting her new film The Dry Land during the Sundance Film Festival, America Ferrera divulged some teasers to Zap2it. According to her, the fourth and final season of Ugly Betty will be ending with something we expected. Still, it will come as a surprise.

"A lot of things that have been anticipated in Betty's storyline are going to come to fruition," the 25-year-old star said. "New relationships. Or old relationships that become new and kind of change a little bit."

Is this Daniel-Betty she's talking about? We won't put it past the series' writers, but it's still difficult to fathom. The two characters are amazing as friends, but to take their relationship to a more romantic level? It's going to be like the original version all over again.

But if we consider the other loves Betty has had, America Ferrera said there's still an opportunity to develop that. "I think it's more that the characters that are there, their relationships are going to transform or grow," she added.

Eventually, as Ausiello reports, one relationship might even lead an Ugly Betty couple down the aisle. His sources confirm that the finale will be featuring wedding bells.

There are many possibilities to the identities of a bride and a groom. Still, we're hoping for another one involving Betty and someone special, no doubt. But if it's not written that way, we're hoping we'd just be satisfied with what Ugly Betty has to offer for its last installment.

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