'Supernatural' Recap: Invasion of Sam's Body Snatcher Season 5, Episode 12

THEN: Sam and Dean were biding their time after Lucifer drop-kicked the bejesus out of them. Sam also realized he's in desperate need of anger management, but he doesn't really have the time with the whole Apocalypse thing. Don't you hate when the end of the world gets in the way of your "Me" time

NOW: Supernatural gets off to a funny start when Sam walks up to a bar and asks the "barkeep" to "sell me some alcohol." After ordering a banana daiquiri (delicious!) the woman next to him starts flirting, as I'm surer any woman would when sitting next to a guy who looks like Jared Padalecki.

She offers to take him home, and he "would love to have the sex" with her. There's just one problem: Sam's body is currently being occupied by a nerdy teenager. The show then cuts to 36 hours earlier, which is the most overused storytelling device in TV, but since Supernatural doesn't do it very often, I'll let it slide. But just this once.

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