'Eastwick' : Getting what you want ( Season 1, Episode 4)

The problem with magic is that it's hard to tell if it's working for you or against you, karmically. At least, that is how it seems to be working in "Eastwick."

I had a similar problem myself, as I settled in to watch some TV this evening, feeling well rested and ready to go, only to have a transformer blow in my neighborhood, plunging my house into darkness. Thank goodness for battery operated camping lanterns. All the same, I missed a fair portion of the show's opener, so perhaps one of you gracious fans can fill me in?

The electricity goblins righted the wrong in my universe in time for me to see that Ray didn't really kidnap the kids, but that he did enough damage for Kat to agree to meet with Darryl's divorce attorney. Who was clearly a great white in a previous life and she sees Ray as lunch in chum filled waters. Within a few moments, she's got his character thoroughly assassinated as a violent drunk who threatened Kat and made her afraid for the children's safety. But Kat can't seem to go through with a brutal divorce because by the end of the episode, she's let the lawyer go and proposed a more moderate sort of divorce to the woebegotten (and flea bitten) Ray.

Joanna has finally gotten her date with Will, which is when the man who jilted her on the altar shows up. I think we've all wondered the same thing she does at some point in our lives ; "Why did you have to come back the minute I got over you?". He lays it on thick and before you know it, he's leaving his current bride-to-be for the comforts of Joanna's bed. While Will waits for her at a restaurant. She wisens up and asks Morgan to tell her the truth - and boy does he ever. It's filled with how she's cute, but not hot and he knew he was settling, that their sex life was tedious and her off sized breasts bothered him. She eventually gets it together enough to really get him out of her system, with Penny cheering on. But it also reveals why she missed her date to Will. Plus, announcing to a crowded workplace that a man has "teeny tiny testes" might make a guy nervous. As such, he tells her that he has no interest in seeing her again.

Roxie, meanwhile, is trying to help Bun regain her memory while also trying to solve the mystery of the possibly-maybe homicidal maniac who just might be bent on brutally killing her who lives upstairs. Those two unlikely worlds collide when a book she took from his house is the first thing Bun recognizes. As her own. Further, the triskele emblazoned on the cover gives credence to the idea. Roxie gets Bun to her store in time to see a passing Jaimie, and Bun recognizes him too - stating that she held him when he was a baby. Is she the mother Jamie has been trying to find? And is Darryl the father?

It's hard to say, but it seems likely to me. Totally unexpected, however, is the last scene, which shows Penny meeting up with Jamie in his darkroom (where he is processing pictures he took of Roxie in Darryl's house). It seems she's working on another investigation with him, but all thoughts of what that is all about leave my head when they start making out. Goodness, what did I miss in the first 15 minutes of this show tonight? Has Eastwick gone mad? Well, madder than usual? Why is Penny kissing a potential murderer? What are your theories?

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