Numb3rs: Season 6: Episode 07: Ultimatum - Recap

A dedicated FBI agent, Ian Edgerton turns into suspected felon when CI Vincent Costello is found dead the morning after meeting with him, his throat slit ear to ear. Edgerton, not yet convicted, is thrown into L.A. Federal Penitentiary and is Q&A'd by our FBI team, revealing Vincent Costello was key in exposing Victor Salazar, an FBI most-wanted felon who had been running a heroin ring from inside the prison where he had been sentenced for life, the same one where Edgerton is now being held. Costello knew the location of Salazar's bookkeeper, Frederico Garcia who was also sentenced to L.A. Federal and disappeared inside the system. Edgerton goes AWOL and escapes their custody inside the prison, causing the facility to go into lock down. Edgerton takes Agent Colby Granger, hostage, Don Eppes misses his opportunity to take out his old friend and colleague. While Edgerton holds Colby hostage in the Guard Break Room, the team proceeds to negotiate the situation, sending math expert Dr. Charlie Eppes who's task is to find Garcia who Edgerton believes switched his ID bracelet with a number of prisoners to hide inside the prison so Salazar's people could not find him. Time grows short, Edgerton threatens to kill Colby and the negotiating team use explosives to burst through the walls of where he is being held, which is merely a distraction for U.S. Marshall John Galvin who has been working for Salazar the whole time. Galvin helps Salazar locate Garcia and just as he goes to take him out, Don takes Salazar out.

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