American Idol: And the Next One Who'll Get Signed Is...

Seriously? I don't know. Since last season's top four contestants have snagged record deals--three within weeks, and Danny Gokey just getting his last week--I'm suddenly wondering as to who will be next contestant from the last batch of American Idol contestants.

I'm asking this because, while I was away, fans of Matt Giraud and Michael Sarver banded together and turned their Twitter hashtags into trending topics: #signmattg for fans of the piano-reliant soul guy, and #weluvmikesarver for fans of the oil rig worker-turned-singer. The objective is quite obvious: to let record labels know that there are people who'd be willing to buy albums from these two if they do get signed.

But who is most likely to follow is Kris, Adam, Danny and Allie's shoes? My turn to make things up. Err, speculate. Totally subjective, I must note.

Matt Giraud: He should get signed up, but it'll take time before he actually does, I think. He will do pretty good on the radio, but he is a bit The Fray-ish, and I've yet to see him write songs. To be honest, he never seemed like the songwriter to me.

Anoop Desai: I don't think he'll be signed up for a record deal any time soon. I'm deeply sorry, Ericka. (Surely you remember my friend, the Noopie fangirl, I was referring to earlier in the year?)

Lil Rounds: Small chance, but I hope it doesn't happen. Really now, do we need more Mary J. Blige types? And Whitney Houston just released her comeback album...

Scott MacIntyre: He's released albums before Idol, but only for his classical piano chops, and I don't think he'd have an album showcasing his vocals. Not immediately, at least.

Megan Joy: Maybe it'll take a while, but I'm hopeful she gets a record deal, however obscure her eventual release may be.

Michael Sarver: I'm no fan, but I'm actually curious how his next steps will turn out. He did say he's quitting the oil rig and focusing on writing songs, hoping for an album release. I'm not betting on a record deal, though.

Alexis Grace: One of my early favorites was one of the early eliminations, and while I'd like to hear her sing again, I don't think she's planning on working on an album soon. There's her "Seacrest out"-babbling kid to deal with.

Jorge Nuarez: Little to no chance. Thick Puerto Rican accent aside...

Jasmine Murray: I highly doubt it. Perhaps the best question is, "who is she?" While she was eliminated on the same week as Jorge, I think people remember him more, since he didn't make it through on the Wild Card round, not to mention him crying...

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