'So You Think You Can Dance' Spoiler Alert: The Names That Might Makes Sense When the Auditions Come

With the start of So You Think You Can Dance's sixth season comes the usual mess of details about what might happen. Last season that task came down to me--genre spoilers, side comments and all that. This time, well, it's pretty much the same thing, only I've got possible names that you might encounter in the next seven weeks of first auditions and Vegas callbacks.

As always, the list is taken from the good folks at SYTYCDism, who have cultivated this list for the past couple of months or so. There are a lot of names, but I'm skipping most of them and just listing down the names that have caught my attention, either because we've seen them before, or before they have something to do with other people--and because most of the names have since been crossed out because they were apparently dropped before the final stages.

Among those names: Megan Kinney, sister to last season's Caitlin Kinney; Lexie Contursi, who's apparently done Laguna Beach; and Ryan Kasprzak, brother to last season's sentimental favorite Evan Kasprzak. Ouch, slightly.

I'm seeing three tap dancers on the list of those who've made it far in Vegas callbacks, including Bianca Revels, who's apparently hailed as the best female tapper to ever grace the show. Yep, she's from the fourth season. To add, there are three dancers who also auditioned last season.

Season five winner Jeanine Mason is connected to at least two season six-ers: contemporary dancer Billy Bell, who's a student a Juilliard, and was apparently her prom date; and Jakob Karr, who, if I get it right, is her boyfriend. (I've seen her Twitter page and some of her tweets suggest that.) Another contemporary dancer, Jacki Ford, is the sister of show choreographer Joey Dowling; I'm a bit surprised she isn't a Broadway dancer.

A couple have done some professional work: David Hovhannisyan is a principal with the Milwaukee Ballet, and Brandon Dumlao (who got here last season) is part of Funkanometry SF.

And then there's this guy named BBoy Legacy. The best bboy in the show's history? We'll see.

Note, they don't have good names yet, and that means we don't, too. The top 20 has yet to be announced, and the episode hasn't been shot either, so whoever the judges decide are good for the next three months or so, and, well, we don't know yet.

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