'Nip/Tuck' - 'Christian Troy II' Recap Season 7, Episode 7

As 'Nip/Tuck' winds down (if you can believe it, there's only two episodes left), an episode like 'Christian Troy II' (the first Christian-as-patient episode was in season two) was inevitable. Despite their numerous similarities, the one thing that Christian has always had more of than Sean is feelings of inadequacy. Granted, when you consider the tragedies he's endured (being molested by his father and getting sodomized by The Carver both come to mind), it's not like he lacks a reason for not always feeling 100% about himself.

For the most part, Christian has risen above these feelings by becoming one of TV's most superficial characters. But it's good to know that even he still has doubts about himself, and more importantly, what he does for a living.

A week after we saw Christian and Sean duke it out in front of Dr. Griffin, it seemed as though their business was about to implode because of each other. After tonight's episode, we saw a different side -- McNamara/Troy might be near its end because of the business itself. It's a smart observation that Ryan Murphy and Co. would have been remiss to not mention.

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