More to Love: Episode 7 "3 Women Remain" - Sneak Peek

It's almost the More to Love finale on the plus-sized reality dating show, when bachelor Luke has to select the final two women on tonight's episode of the Fox reality series. He takes the three remaining women to Hawaii for a romantic getaway, and has to pick among Tali, Malissa, and Mandy. Luke eliminated Ana on the last episode.

Last week on More to Love, some nay-sayers were vindicated when Luke ended up - intentionally or otherwise - picking three of the thinnest women on the show - Mandy (180 lbs), Malissa A. (170 lbs), and Tali (190 lbs).

We met the family of the four girls. First up was Tali, who went on a date with Luke at the Go-Kart track. They then had a nice lunch, and was surprised to have Tali's aunt and uncle serving hamburgers. Things got a little tense when Uncle Leo brought up the issue of Tali's rather conservative Israeli background. Understandably, Luke got a little worried that Tali's family may have a problem with the cultural difference.

Mandy, meanwhile, had a rather nice boat ride - with her parents on board, of course. Everything was nice and perky until the question of marriage floated, and Mandy's parents revealed that they weren't sure if their daughter was quite ready for marriage.

Moving forward, Anna and Luke went bowling (which she won because she was being flirty and Luke was easily distracted). Her parents joined in, and quickly there were discussions on the future. Once again, the parents kind of dampened the proceedings when they mentioned that settling down may stall Anna's modeling career.

Finally, Luke took Malissa to a night of dinner and wine tasting. This time, it was her two younger sisters who met Luke. Unfortunately, one of the two sisters admitted that she didn't see Malissa as a mom (because she has never babysat for her ever). Luke, of course, wants a baby pronto.

In the end, Luke said he just couldn't picture how their lives would go, so he ended up eliminating Anna.

Catch More to Love tonight 9pm on Fox.

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