C'mon people...

Well yeah the girls are too thin, the clothes are too perfect and it's a shallow concept... but it's about the model life what did you people expect??? A little bit over glamorized but what show isn't these days? In a society who's current romantic obsession is vampires, did we really think that a show would examine the gritty truth on being paid to be that thin and good looking? Your a fool to expect something different from The CW, a channel who cherishes their sexed up teen dramas.


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Sep 17, 2009 2:14PM EDT

Para decir la verdad, ningún show que he visto me a capturado desde el primer capitulo, porque hay que afrontar la realidad que en 40 minutos no se puede profundizar demasiado las historias ni deducir en su totalidad la psiquis de cada personaje, ni nada interezante, ya que seria un enredo total. Por ahora debo decir que por lo menos no me ha decepcionado y que le voy a dar una oportunidad. A y tambien a vampire diaries, ya que me leí las novelas, me gusta el desenlace que asta hora el show esta tomando y con lo que mostraron en el piloto la semana pasada; la pelicula personalmente que decepciono o por lo menos a mi fue twilight que no se como le pudo gustar a alguien ya que fue horrible (y por si alguien dice algo, si me lei todas las novelas)

Default avatar cat
Sep 20, 2009 2:34AM EDT

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh GOOO SEXED UP TV SHOWS dere bettter dan watchink biggest looser i mean do we really wanna watch fat people working out ! like serzly daz jst disgustingg

Sep 22, 2009 2:26PM EDT

Reread that last sentence, "Your a fool to expect something different from The CW, a channel who cherishes their sexed up teen dramas." Did I say every show is sexed up? No. But the shows The CW produces like "Gossip Girl" "90210" "Melrose Place" "One Tree Hill" are super sexy dramas. Clearly though your a moron so your comment is not being considered beyond me correcting you and pointing out how ridiculous your grammar is.

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