'The Closer' - 'The Big Bang' Recap (Season Premiere) Season 6

Change is never easy, and for a character as set in her ways and averse to technology as Brenda Leigh Johnson, you just knew the new offices for Major Crimes were going to make her more antsy than usual.

Remember how difficult it was for Brenda when she first tried to drive in Los Angeles? Well, navigating the new office was like that for her. For more on the mirrors and screens and break room that was too far from Provenza's desk, follow me after the jump.

A $10 million new Major Crimes office space -- in a new building -- was not up and running. It reminded me of what they call "a soft opening" for a store or restaurant. Everything was half-baked and not ready for prime time. Leave it to Brenda, though, she found a way to make it work nonetheless. Still, telling the suspect that his wife had cheated on him with the victim was rather forward, even for Brenda.

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