Supernatural 5.14 "My Bloody Valentine" Review

Ew. That was the grossest episode of Supernatural I've seen in a while. Also one of the most unexpectedly affecting. When spoilers for 'My Bloody Valentine' came out, I figured pairing Ben Edlund with a rogue Cupid was going to be a recipe for disaster. Edlund's a hit and miss writer for me - I loved 'Nightshifter' and 'Monster Movie,' but 'Malleus Maleficarum' and 'Ghostfacers' are two of my least favorite episodes of the series. This season, between 'The End,' 'Abandon All Hope,' and this episode, I'm convinced that he's the only one with half a handle on the characters' histories and motivations anymore. And this is the guy who wrote the Puppet Angel episode! The world, she is topsy turvy. (He also wrote the fantastic Firefly episode 'Jaynesville,' so I don't know why I'm that surprised.)

Quick rundown of tonight's toryline: Cupid was in town and the boys were convinced that his "arrows" were leading lovers to devour each other alive, along with a multitude of other passion-induced suicides. Cupid, however, was not at fault. Enter the second Horseman of the Apocalypse, Famine. The old bastard's presence in the town accelerated the citizens' hungers to the point where they died and he could feast on their sooooouls. Sam was affected and started lusting after demon blood again, so Dean did what any good brother would do and handcuffed him to the bathroom sink so that he could go take care of the monster himself. Dean went to get Famine's ring, as he and Sam did with War, but was ambushed by demon minions. Sam showed up, complete with a hokey blood goatee (seriously, makeup - that was terrible) and used his newly re-vamped OMGPOWERS to defeat the minions and suck the demon souls from Famine. Or something like that. I'm not entirely sure what happened to Famine. Then Dean tossed Sam back into Bobby's detox room. Sam screamed some more and Dean was wonderfully angsty for the first time in… well, a long time.

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