Recap: "Grey Hour"

Echo's imprinting experiences a setback, Agent Ballard continues his search for the truth about the Dollhouse, and rogue Alpha causes more trouble for the organization that created him.

Sound familiar? Yeah. I think I could have put that introduction on the past three blogs and it would still work. As vague as it might be, it would be applicable.

I should really be more specific. What does have to say about the episode?

"Echo's stint as a safecracker doesn't go as planned, causing Sierra to be imprinted with a familiar persona. Meanwhile, Ballard delivers an ultimatum to Lubov, and Adelle shares shocking information with Topher."

Yep. Another week, another engagement gone awry at the Dollhouse. Oddly enough, they always get paid.

What if Danny Ocean's mind turned to goo in the midst of pulling the job of the century with his 10 buddies? Thanks to this week's episode of Dollhouse, I think we might have an idea. That is, if Danny Ocean was being played by the stunning Eliza Dushku and also had a spare version of himself to pick up the slack.

The 10-minute teaser began with Echo delivering a baby at a swanky lodge in the mountains. I'd love to be able to tell you why this couple paid the outrageous fees associated with the Dollhouse to have Echo deliver their child, but unfortunately if we were told the answer, I must have missed it. Did I fall asleep?

"For a little while."

Ah, Topher. Our resident genius/narcissist spent this episode trying to exonerate himself of blame while doing very little to actually help the situation. Early in the episode, he shared some observations with his new "manfriend" Boyd. Topher is disconcerted by the fact that Echo, Sierra and Victor are "grouping" by routinely eating together at the same lunch table.

The three Goo Heads discuss their exercise routines (Echo did 30 laps) and the nature of being your best. I think this is the type of talk that frightens Topher to death.

In another part of the Dollhouse, the conversation is more in line with Topher's comfort zone. Adelle DeWitt is having her final meeting with a client before the imprinting. Yet again, the price for the service is increased due to the special circumstances involving the engagement.

Seemingly, Echo has been sent as the 21st century equivalent of the woman in the cake to the bachelor party of the client's "nephew," Vitas. Her name is Taffy (yes, really), and when their party gets a little too loud for the hotel bar, the manager persuades them to take the party upstairs in exchange for not one but two complimentary bottles of champagne.

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