'Community' - 'Communication Studies' Recap Episode 16

Suddenly I want to spend at least 40 more minutes in the world of 'Community' after tonight's episode. I wonder if those 40 minutes will come back to haunt our dear friend later?

Jeff and Abed tore it up with one of the most bizarre drunk montages I've ever seen, culminating with Abed in the absolute best "aftermath" position I've ever seen. And Jeff did it all to try and make things right with Britta again. Try as they might, those two just can't seem to get their awkward feelings for one another to stop interfering with their relationship as "just-friends."

With the Valentine's Day dance looming, Troy and Pierce tried to regain some of their own dignity early in the episode, only to lose it completely by the end of it. Surprisingly, despite his "skills" on the dance floor, Chang either has no dignity to lose, or has so much that it's impervious to anything he does.

How else can you explain his "amazing" solo dance skills, followed up by his equally creepy freaking with Troy and Pierce in their own quite lovely and sensible, but flashy, women's pantsuits? In Chang's defense, their attempts to look cool by sending themselves chocolates and a "Human Being" doll did fail completely and they deserved the ridicule they got in the classroom that led to their punishment for something they didn't even do.

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