Recap Charmed: Season 5, Episode 1 - A Witch's Tail Part 1

Piper and Leo are remodeling their bedroom closet to turn it into a nursery for the baby Piper is expecting. Piper comes across the baby book that Patty had made for her. The first few pages are full of pictures and mementos, but the rest of the book is blank. Patty never had a chance to finish the book because she died while Piper was just a little girl.

Meanwhile, the Sea Hag is in her lair with a beautiful mermaid named Mylie. The Sea Hag has given the mermaid legs so she can find true love with a mortal man. But there’s a down side to the deal: Mylie’s boyfriend must confess his love, or Mylie must give the Sea Hag her immortal soul.

“It's too bad, Mylie,” the Sea Hag says, “but your time is up. You had thirty days to find love or the penalty would be death.”

“But he does love me, I know he does.”

“Oh, really? Did he tell you?”

Mylie is defiant. “He doesn't have to tell me he loves me.”

“Well, actually,” the Sea Hag says, “he does.”

Mylie refuses to give in, and she swims away. The Sea Hag conjures the elements to track Mylie, bringing a storm of mythical proportions to San Francisco.

Mylie finds Craig, her boyfriend, just hours before he’s scheduled to board a plane on a business trip. She tells him she can’t explain, but she needs him to tell her how he feels about her. Before he can reveal what’s in his heart, a drop of rain falls on Mylie’s leg, and the little patch of skin turns to scales. She runs off to escape the storm.

Paige’s boss, Mr. Cowan, tells her he’s promoting her to social worker. She calls Phoebe to share the news. But Phoebe has news of her own: She's got an appointment that afternoon with a judge about her divorce decree.

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