Recap Charmed: Season 5, Episode 2 - A Witch's Tail Part 2

Phoebe is enjoying her new life as a mermaid-an unexpected side effect of the spell to find the Sea Hag. Although Leo can track Phoebe, he can’t convince her to come home. Phoebe’s career as an advice columnist has made her a minor celebrity, but her personal life is a shambles: Cole is back from the Wasteland, and all Phoebe wants to do is run (or more precisely, swim).

Necron, a skeletal being trapped between life and death, returns to the Sea Hag’s lair in search of the immortality she promised him. But all he finds is a pile of dust-what’s left of the Sea Hag since the Charmed Ones vanquished her. Necron feeds on the Sea Hag’s life essence, which was trapped in an augur shell. But he still hungers for immortality-the immortality he can only get from a mermaid.

Piper, in her first trimester of pregnancy, struggles with her growing fear. She’s worried that like her own mother, she’ll be killed by a demon before her child grows up. She realizes that to save Phoebe, she must remove her fear, so she casts a spell:

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