The Bachelorette Episode Recap: Week 4 Season 6

On this week of The Bachelorette, Ali and the guys leave Los Angeles and begin their trip around the world starting with New York City.

The first one-on-one date is with Kasey. He's never been to New York and Ali is "so thrilled" to show him around the right way. At the beginning of their date, he starts some metaphor about how Ali is a butterfly open and ready, but I'm too confused to follow. Instead of actually talking to Ali, Kasey decides to sing to her and she laughs awkwardly and then he keeps singing. I'm just glad I didn't witness that performance in person. The two then head to the natural history museum after-hours with a couple of flashlights, Ali seems pretty entertained by the dinosaurs alone, but Kasey adds to (or should we say takes away from) the atmosphere with gorilla noises. How charming!

There is absolutely no question of Kasey's devotion for Ali, but does he have to sing so much?! He performs again for Ali later in the evening, but Ali is unconvinced that his singing shows who he really is. What is a girl supposed to do? He keeps doing tricks for her, but doesn't show her what's underneath the façade and the costume at all. Ali tells him she knows he's a good guy, but she's worried that what she's seeing isn't real. She decides not to give Kasey a rose, but says she's not ready for him to go home. Who knows what Kasey can do in the time between his date and the next rose ceremony to really prove he deserves to stay, but we'll see.

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