Recap Charmed: Season 5, Episode 4 - Siren Song

Phoebe wakes after a nightmare in which she vanquishes Cole.

In another location, a woman is seducing a man on a bed. She tells him that his wife is almost there and then she can watch him die. As the wife comes into the room, the other woman kisses that man. He begins to turn gray as smoke rises off his lips. He falls back dead on the bed. The woman, obviously in a trance, snaps out of the trance. She tries to revive her husband, but to no avail. The other women throws a couple fireballs around the room and knocks the wife unconscious, leaving her to burn to death in the fire.

Later in the morning, Cole and Phoebe are still communicating with one another, but Phoebe is trying to get the divorce to be the only thing they talk about. While they are talking, Cole sees the burning building and morphs there. He saves the woman. Phoebe looks at the television and sees Cole walking out of the building with the unconscious woman. Phoebe’s editor presses her to get an exclusive interview with her husband, Phoebe reluctantly agrees.

Back at the manor, Paige is concentrating on getting her potions correct. Piper is upset that her baby is playing jokes on mommy’s body by making Piper burp orb like bubbles. Piper calls for Leo to try and get support for all of the discomfort her body is feeling. When Leo materializes, they begin to argue that the other doesn’t know what the opposite is going through. In the middle of the argument they see the television and the news coverage on the burning building. Leo recognizes the woman that Cole saved as a future white lighter. He decides he has to go be with her to see if the attack on her was demonic. This upsets Piper because she was hoping that they would be able to talk about the baby.

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