Recap Charmed: Season 5, Episode 5 - Witches in Tights

The Charmed Ones must protect a retiring Elder named Ramus from the power-craving demon Arnon and a comic book villain brought to life by a 13-year-old; Ramus must pass on his powers to a new Elder before the end of the night's Equinox.

Piper continues to try and juggle being an expectant mother, running her club P3, being a good wife and sister and of course being the protector of countless innocents. She's still trying to convince everyone that she can handle it all, but everyone continues to keep her in the dark, which is why she's so surprised when Ramus shows up. She's finally filled in that they're to protect him until he can pass along his powers to the new Elder, who could be anyone. The Charmed Ones soon find out they'll have their work cut out for them when a mysterious comic book character named The Avenger comes to take Ramus. He defeats the sisters, but Ramus is orbed to safety by Leo at the last second. After the attack Piper and Paige head off to find out more about the mysterious masked man and during their search are magically morphed into superheroes.

Paige has finally met someone she's serious about. His name is Dave and he's a great guy, the only problem is every time they start getting intimate, Paige orbs out of bed. Luckily she's able to orb back before Dave gets too suspicious and while frustrated, the two keep trying to make it work. When Paige and Piper are morphed into superheroes the two use their powers to save an elderly woman and then head back to the manor.

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