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So after the SGU cliffhanger from last week, MGM has bestowed upon us two new editions of SGU Kino," The Apple Core" and "Not Just For Posterity". Both of these entries are light hearted compared to last week's suspense and dark ladened midseason finale, "Justice". Kinda wanted a sneak peak at some of the crew's suspicions on Rush's "accident", but this will do most fine.

- In "The Apple Core", Eli is giving another tour and ends up in the Control Interface Room, which he dubs "the Apple Core" do to the thing looking just like…well, an apple core. Brody hates the name and asks that Eli doesn't call it that, because it demeans the importance of the interface and the name is just dumb. Eli says that the Control Interface Room is a boring name and the two bicker. They are stopped by Lisa Park and when Brody asks her what the name of the core is she says, "The Apple Core". Brody, livid, starts talking gibberish about them being scientists and what not, which is when Volker walks in the room and he slicks call it the "apple core" as well. Brody gives up and walks of. Eli and Volker exchange dap and snicker. HA!!!!

- "Not Just For Posterity" is about Lisa Park starting a video diary with the Kino, which she hopes to share with family later. She explains that she is not doing it for posterity and that she can't wait to get home to see her boyfriend Gary.

Um, boyfriend?!!

Lisa Park continues leaving a message to Gary and says that despite all of their difficulties, she feels as if they have overcome all of that and that her time on the Destiny has made her strong in terms of their relationship.


And as soon as she says this malarkey, there is a knock on her door. Park tries to pause the Kino, but unknowingly fails and goes to let in a soldier while the Kino records. The soldier and Lisa get down and dirty, but the Kino screws up and fast forwards through all of the sex and stops after the guy leaves and Park returns to the Kino to finish vlogging. She tells the Kino that se can't wait to come home and share her videos with the family. HAHAHA!!! I would love to be the fly on the wall for that family viewing!!!

See you guys next time!!!

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