White Collar - Recap & Review - Free Fall Episode 7

Is it really already over? Seven episodes of this summer's best crackling crime caper (I really haven't had this much fun since last season's debut of Leverage, really), and we're at the fall finale already. Darn you, USA and your split seasons!

Neal is breaking the news to Mozzie about the FBI being complacent in Kate's abduction when Peter calls him to a heist at the most expensive clothing boutique in the city. Elizabeth informs Peter that this is the same place that was hosting the world's most exotic pink diamond, and you can practically see the lightbulb go off over Peter's head. The Dynamic Duo go off to the boutique where stick-thin 'beautiful people' are wandering around ('something you don't see every day, unless you're you,' Peter says to Neal) and yep, it's something to do with the diamond. The gallery owner is convinced that it has been stolen and swapped out with a fake, and Neal proves her right while drooling all over the model wearing it. The sign that he's ticking Peter off with his flirting is that Peter calls him by his last name.

They get back to the office to find that OPR ' the Office of Professional Responsibility, or the FBI version of Internal Affairs ' is there and the boss wants to see Peter in his office along with the guy. The OPR guy says that it was probably an inside job since only a few NYPD and FBI brass knew about it, and thinks Neal is a prime suspect especially since six hours are missing from the database where the tracking data for his ankle bracelet is stored. Peter does his best to stick up for Neal, but to no avail. The resulting tension when the two are reunited is insane, especially as Neal unknowingly talks about how he couldn't possibly have done the crime and points Peter to another suspect. The suspect knows they're coming, however, and has his own documented alibi of a vacation he was on until that morning. Disgruntled Peter has to leave him be. And because Peter is disgruntled, he finally starts poking at Neal as to his whereabouts. Neal isn't surprised but does insist on his innocence; Peter honestly doesn't know whether to believe him or not, and sets Jones on his trail.

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