STARGATE UNIVERSE ''Aftermath'' Review Season 2, Episode 2

With control of the ship restored to the crew, things return to normal, except that food is quickly running out with all the extra mouths to feed. Using the information injected into his head, Rush wanders off to find a new place: the ship's bridge. Though still unable to completely control the ship, he is able to stop the ship near a planet that, while being blacklisted in the ship's computer and without a working stargate, might have badly needed food and resources.

I was really hoping they wouldn't do this so soon. The point of STARGATE UNIVERSE, like the prayer says, is coping with things you can not change. Now they did hint at the fact Rush's brain can't handle the stress of the massive information and will likely kill him or force him to have the information removed thus preventing him from controlling the ship completely. I'm okay with that bit of cheese, because it means the show can continue on point. And there is precedence for that to boot. O'Neill from SG-1 had the same problem when he encountered a similar knowledge-injection device.

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