BETTER WITH YOU ''Better With Firehouse'' Review Episode 2

Once again illustrating the differences in the three couples, this week's BETTER WITH YOU opens with Mia and Casey spontaneously recording a joint voicemail message on their landline phone only to throw it away since they both only use cellphones. Meanwhile, Maddie and Ben make several attempts to record a joint message, not agreeing on a single one. Finally, Vicky and Joel cannot even figure out how to record a message on their phone. Yes, I am a sucker for these montages.

Mia and Casey have everyone over to their apartment for dinner which involves quite a lot of meat and bacon. This leaves Ben wanting to make a bringing home the bacon joke although he is worried about the reception of his pun. Maddie agrees it is probably not a good idea. Mere minutes later, Joel makes the same joke and everyone laughs, including Maddie. Over plates of meat and bacon, Maddie's parents and sister convince her that her apartment is too small for a growing family. As Maddie pictures all of the baby stuff, she realizes they are right and the hunt is on. Unfortunately, she and Casey have different ideas of places they want to live.

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