Memphis Beat Episode Recap: It's Alright Mama" Episode 1

On the season premiere of Memphis Beat, we receive quite a welcome into the bluesy city of Memphis! From an Elvis impersonator (next office party anyone?), to a bloody Slurpee mess (eww!), to a boob lamp (where can I get one of these?) we know we may not get the expected. What we do know is the good ol' boy detectives seem to have the run of their precinct, but change is coming in the form of a new lieutenant.

The opening scenes set the stage for Memphis Beat's main character: Detective Dwight Hendricks (Jason Lee) as a Memphis cop by day, Elvis impersonator by night. Dwight arrives at a liquor store crime scene where we meet Davey Sutton (DJ Qualls), a clueless young cop who really looks up to Dwight (as do many of the fellas). Upon entering the store, we see blood pooling across the grimy floor slowly mixing with the blue slush oozing out of the Slurpee machine. Ok people, there's a lot of blood on TV with other cop shows and all the vampire mania, but I have to admit I was impressed and grossed out by this visual! No 7-11 runs for me in the near future...

Anyway, we quickly learn that Davey is a sweet, but incompetent cop (tracking your footprints across the crime scene, really??), but that Dwight is more than capable of cleaning up Davey's mess as he quickly locates the perp hiding out in a stainless steel prep-cook station. Crawling out of his hiding place, the perp accidentally drops his pants leaving the bumbling Davey to search him. I found it mildly annoying that a semi-gruesome death was quickly turned into a joke, but what did you think? Did that bother you or do I need to chill?

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