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LOUIE 'God' Review Episode 11

I would have no problem with going to church on a regular basis if the services consisted of Louis C.K. discussing stories from the Bible with his own flair. Sadly, the early glimpse of humor within Louie's first standup set and the opening glory hole scene at the gas station in this week's episode of LOUIE 'God' is fleeting. Many comics have tackled the subject of religion, and their own personal histories with it, but this episode was truly mind blowing to me.

As a person who attended parochial school up until I was 15 years old, I understand the effect this type of teaching has on a young kid. While I wasn't Catholic, many of my friends were so I was clued in on the guilt that is associated with many of the teachings in the religion. And it seems so does Louis C.K. as well. Guilt seems to be a common thread in Louie/Louis stand up, whether it be from a belief of a personal responsibility of crucifying Christ or fear of poor parenting. And it's an easy parallel for those who grew up being taught the guilt to revert to it throughout their life.

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