Futurama Season 6, Episode 3 Review: "Attack of the Killer App!"

Last night's episode of Futurama, was surprisingly heavy on the pop culture satire, basing the entire episode on poking fun at Apple's crazy iPhone nation and Twitter. Sure the show invented preserving heads just for pop-culture references, but we can't recall an entire episode, saving for maybe the Star Trek one, that based the plotline on nothing but a satire.

Either way, despite the fact the iPhone has been popular for over three years, "Attack of the Killer App!" did coincide with the launch of the iPhone 4, so the parody's timing worked perfectly. While the show didn't go anywhere some other show has gone before, it certainly had some great joke at Apple's expense.

"There's only one carrier, the phone gets lousy reception, and the battery can't take a charge." "Shut up and take my money!" So true. Also not sure if this was a direct shot on the name of the retina display, but physically shoving the eyePhone in your eye? Hilarious.

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