The Biggest Loser Season 8, Episode 3: Week 3 - Recap

After the victory of losing 155 pounds and having no elimination, the players soon find out that the celebration won't be lasting too long as Alison announces it's "would you rather" week. They'll have plenty of decisions to make that could change the entire competition, beginning with the first choice of trading in the trainers for a two-pound advantage. Seems like a huge thing to give up in order for two measly pounds at weigh-in, but clearly Tracy from the Purple Team doesn't think so. While the other players were waiting for Ali to raise the stakes with a higher offering, Tracy jumped at the chance to have an advantage her competitors wouldn't. And her teammate Coach Mo is not so thrilled with her decision.

Bob and Jillian walk into the house and immediately find out what happened. Let's just say they're speechless... and then pissed. They send everyone but Purple to the gym and when they start questioning Tracy's decision, she starts to cry. Jillian asks her to stop and think about the choices she makes when she's in panic mode and Tracy agrees.

On the injury front, Abby is suffering from shin splints and a MRI reveals she has a stress fracture. This means only workouts in the pool and for now, no land-based exercise. She tells Dr. H. that she won't give up because this is nothing compared to what she's faced in her life. She's seriously inspiring.

This week the teams are treated to their first temptation challenge. "Would you rather control your diet or control this game?" Ali asks them. The premise is simple. In front of each person is a tray of cupcakes and whoever eats the most in 10 minutes gets an advantage. And remember, they can't see what the others are doing. All they can do is taunt their opponents and shout at their teammates. But Antoine and Tracy decide to chow down. And how adorable is Antoine's little dance! When the 10 minutes are up, Alison announces who partook in the temptation, and that Tracy wins with four eaten cupcakes. She now gets to decide which player from each team will have their poundage counted at the weigh-in. Tracy says she's shocked because she wasn't prepared to win, so I have to wonder then: Why do it?

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