4 Reasons Why the New 'Scrubs' Remains Watchable

Admittedly, it was difficult trying to watch this new installment of Scrubs when season 8's finale was practically perfect to end the series in all its eagle-spinning glory. But since ABC can't seem to let go of the show, we've now got its reincarnation. It's like this dramedy's immortal, having gone through a fluctuating ratings and even a network change. So it was still worth a shot.

Creator Bill Lawrence has dubbed it Scrubs [Med School] - yes, the brackets stay. Since there were some more-than-okay moments in the season's first two episodes, let's make like a fantasy sequence and pretend it has the potential to be as good as the original.

It does, but it's not as good and won't exactly live up to Scrubs. But maybe it's good to have a dash of something new these days, so here's why I think this revamped series will be able to survive:

4. That Franco boy aka King Cole

Though his castmates agree that he looks like he'd be better-suited to a CW show, there's still a place for Dave Franco in Scrubs. He's sure to draw in plenty of interest, and I'm actually hoping his character develops well and doesn't end up like The Todd.

There's got to be something worth knowing in him once you stab that inflated ego of his. Just as long as he isn't your typical rich kid with a typical broken family problem, he'll be fine. "Wingmom": it could work.

3. There's a bit of the old characters in the new.

As proven by the first episode, J.D., Turk and Dr. Cox have each found themselves a student they can relate to. Lucy's as spaced out and insecure as J.D. once was, even though she can't mimic the guy's trademark zone-out face. She's also rather Elliot-ish and it's not just the blonde hair.

Granted, Lucy really is a bit annoying. But even J.D. wasn't that endearing all the time. Just ask Perry Cox.

Meanwhile, there's Turk and the condescending womanizer Cole, since he was once as arrogant as the kid. Both of them have that god-complex Carla (we miss her too) was talking about when she first met her husband. Surely, the competitive Turk's going to break that boy's shiny, million-dollar emotional shield.

As for Dr. Cox, there's obviously Drew #1.

2. Denise and Drew

Like the Jordan and Cox of their time (or Fonzie and Jo, as Turk said, and he'd watch the hell out of that), I'm interested to see how this goes. So far they're the most fun to witness, and who doesn't like a pairing of twisted, sardonic minds?

1. It's still Bill Lawrence's Scrubs, and it's still funny.

Scrubs [Med School] is just not that bad as we thought, and is still hilarious (hello, Lucy's Lifetime movie fantasy sequence!). Anyway, it's retained the Scrubs charm, as well as that classic combination of punches to the heart and tickles to the stomach.

Then again, I can't help but detest those two campus security guards. They can never be Dr. Jan Itor - nice exit sequence, by the way - or even Ted. Also, we won't get to see much of Turk and J.D.'s bromance after episode 6. Now that they've done their "Guy Love" reprise, who'll call Turk Chocolate Bear now?

I might continue to watch Scrubs [Med School], intentionally forgetting to compare it to the original. It's likable. Really. But if that won't satisfy, oh well, there's eight years worth of reruns to return to.

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