'Breaking Bad' - 'Abiquiu' Recap Season 3, Episode 11

In many ways, last week's 'Breaking Bad' was a pause in the action. The one on one between Jesse and Walt in the lab, the introspection, the fly -- the claustrophobia of it all was deceptive. With this episode, there was a lot a movement, revelations and possibly a game changing development that could wipe out all the progress Walt's made to regain his life.

If you weren't sure before, now you know that Saul is a chauvinist. He didn't care for Skyler's interference in Walt's business. His point about having a "Danny" was on target, but Skyler was also right in asserting that the car wash made more sense for Walt. And, yes, she could be the Danny.

That Sky would want to be a criminal like Walt is a shocking twist, but then so was her revelation that she never filed the divorce papers and they're still married. With cool consideration she pointed out that spouses cannot testify against each other in court.

Anna Gunn's performance this season has been amazing. She's been transforming into a completely new Skyler, and Walt has been dazzled by her alteration.

Jesse continues to be unhinged and volatile. He's the wild card. While Walt and Sky are looking to be safe and careful, not throwing up red flags about money laundering, Jesse is inviting trouble. He's pushing Pete and Badger to push product and when they disappoint, he goes after Andrea like a shark.

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