Top Chef: Goodbye, Preeti!

Despite being asked to head home, 33-year-old Californian Preeti said she was thankful to Top Chef for the experience, and contrary to criticism courtesy of Gail, she doesn't really give a hoot on being inventive, as she cares more about her customers' liking.

On last night's episode of Top Chef: Las Vegas, the guest judge was Top Chef alum Mark Peel, who brought with him a mountain of potatoes for the quickfire challenge. The chef-testants had around 45 minutes to create an "out-of-this-world" dish using potatoes, which, according to Ash, are boring. Poor potatoes. Later on, the potatoes had their revenge, but with Ashely. With minutes left, she discovered that she had no boiling water for her gnocchi.

Meanwhile, Mark related that he knew how hard it was to make dishes given the limited time. Regardless, she adjudged Eli's yam and marshmallows, Ron's yellowtail and yam, and Jesse's sweet potato soup as the weakest links, so to speak; while he liked Jennifer's mussels, Ash's custard, and Ashley's gnocchi. Jennifer was eventually chosen as the winner.

After the quickfire challenge, the chefs found out what they're doing for the elimination challenge - prepare a meal for 500 men in uniform in Nellis Air Force Base the next day. Come pairing time, Ron and Jesse were paired with each other. I wonder why. I'm being sarcastic, if you somehow miss it. The chefs discovered more problems when they realized there were no stoves or pans or blenders on their kitchen, and all they had were giant ovens.

The dishes include:

Laurine and Preeti: Pasta salad with broccoli, peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, and artichoke hearts

Bryan and Mattin: Greek salad with cucumbers, chickpeas, olives, and olive oil poached shrimp

Mike I. and Mike V.: Braised pork belly with soy-mustard sauce and peanuts

Hector and Robin: Three-bean chili with roasted chicken

Jesse and Ron: New England clam chowder with roaster corn

Eli and Kevin: Georgia style braised pork shoulders and potato salad

In the end, Preeti was sent packing because it wasn't inventive enough. She had something to say to that, but no matter, the 33-year-old was eliminated, and 15 chefs remain on Top Chef: Las Vegas.

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