Heroes and the 4400

I've been readung and hearing lots of people comment about Heroes taking storylines and plots from the 4400 and prior to seeing "Our Father" I was not convinced. I've recently started watching the 4400 and now I'm convinced that the writers for heroes must have bought rights to the 4400 storyline or what was written before it was canceled.

1) There's a scientist in the 4400 who was considered the "father of the 4440 ablity" meaning he found a way to mass produce it by creating a formula that would give abilities to those who injected it (the abilities each person got rested solely on their genetic make-up)

2) This doctor also used himself as his first subject to his experiment and at first, failed... gaining lots of mental and physical defects and side effects as a result

(sounds familiar?)


In the 4400 there are 2 companies battling against each other.

One is controlled by a man who wants to give random people powers. This man also believes this is the way to save the world

The second company wants to stop the first company and wants to control people with powers and find and lock up people with powers who "miuse them"

The first marine who got the "strength powers" in "Our father" was a leading actor in the 4400.

Lastly, the main hero in the 4400 became stuck in a different world with no escape. sounds alot like hiro

I don'treally care so much about Heores taking aspects of the storyline... I think the ideas in the 4400 were great but were not able to be fully accomplished because of the laxk of money and special effects...now that heroes is in charge of the storyline, I'm sure it will do it justice.


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Dec 16, 2008 3:41PM EST

I can agree with some of what you have said RachelL, but not your implications that Heroes is Actively using 4400's story lines.Its hard to think of anything that is totally original, and, especially in our postmodern society, being inspired by something else or using it as a precedent should not necessarily be looked down upon.

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Dec 19, 2008 7:31PM EST

Well, you can pretty much find valid parallels in anything. (Take the abilities storyline - X-men, 4400, Heroes, etc to infinity, or any doctor drama, or any scifi show, or any romance movie)
I'm just glad that when one sci-fi show's canceled I don't have to wait horribly long before another comes on the scene.

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Dec 19, 2008 10:43PM EST

Oh I definitely don't look down upon it...I would be excited because then its almost like having 2 of my fav shows in one...lol

Dec 19, 2009 5:28PM EST

damn, i'd hope it's still up, as i just decided to start watching this again, i watched a few episodes on the first season on tv, but i missed way too much to keep watching without being like wtf, what's happened?, every time i tried to watch a new episode, but now, as i can stream them, i would be glad if they didn't shut it down, like with heroes, which is one of the shows i actually watched, after i decided to catch up on it again a while back, as it also seems to have a cancellation over it, im not sure what to do, as that seems to happen to many sci-fi shows these days... i'd at least hope they keep making episodes for this, and star trek enterprise, so i at least got 2 series i like to watch, as im sure i'll like it, as like you said, it seems to have a similar storyline to heroes, and i liked heroes, despite what people said about the new seasons, though, i didn't like that nathan died, as he was about the only adult character who was semi-neutral, and had an abillity

Dec 21, 2009 10:21PM EST

Pft, saying Heroes is a copy of 4400 is just silly. I could be a jackass and just say X-men has done all of what both series are trying to accomplish. There will always be a rehash of a rehash, there is nothing "new" coming out anymore. Now its all about good direction, dialogue and production values.

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