Scrubs: "Our Histories" Review Season 9, Episode 4

This episode felt like someone had a Scrubs checklist of themes and plot devices and was trying to put an "X" in all the boxes. Humiliation at the hands of Dr. Cox? Check. Silly costumes and songs? Check. A bunch of life lessons learned? Check. The problem is, you can't write a good Scrubs episode from spare parts checked off a list. The reason why the show has lasted nine seasons is because there's a lot going on beyond superficial pratfalls. It consistently hits on a multitude of levels, and because of that ability, it makes it that much easier to tell when an episode isn't authentic.

Underneath the wacky dream sequences and crazy rants, Scrubs has heart. This one had the makings of a powerful episode, with life lessons crammed into every crevice, but it just didn't quite hit the mark. J.D. and Turk tried way too hard to hold on to their youth by attending a party hosted by Cole, the legacy med student who gets more annoying with each passing episode. Meanwhile, Dr. Mahoney ordered her med students to administer final interviews for terminally ill patients before they could attend the same party. She warned them the interviews might take a while and that, "patients don't always do things on your schedule." In both cases, neither story resonated emotionally as I would've hoped, given how well the show has accomplished this in the past.

J.D. and Turk's storyline was a little too on-the-nose as the guys celebrated a weekend without their wives, which they dubbed, "Bro-A-Palooza." They were also tricked into dressing like cowboys and indians for the staff party. The show has always played up their friendship to an absurd degree, but their behavior in this episode was downright stupid. The "Bro-A-Palooza" T-shirts were completely forced, but an accepted reality of the show. However, the fact that they'd fall for Dr. Cox's lame trick at this stage in their careers is an insult to anyone who's ever watched the show. Cowboys and indians? Please. Kid N' Play on the other hand...

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